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Park Street Dental - Oral B Professional 2000 electric toothbrush on offer for £43.00 RRP £79.00 exclusive with the new crossaction head, provided only for dental surgeries.


Discover the next level of oral care innovation, brought to you by Oral-B Pro 2000 Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush, worldwide leader in toothbrushes. Featuring precisely angled bristles, the PRO 2000 with CrossAction brush head is designed to effectively lift and power away more plaque than a regular manual toothbrush, leaving behind nothing but an astonishing clean.

The Pro 2000 with CrossAction brush head is inspired by professional cleaning tools to deliver a superior clean compared to a regular toothbrush. Set at a dynamic 16 degree angle for tooth-by-tooth brushing, CrissCross bristles are able to effordlessly attack, lift and power away up to 100 per cent more dental plaque along the gum line than a regular manual toothbrush.

Oral-B Braun Professional Care 2000 Technology:


  • Rechargeable

  • Full/low charge indicator

Oral-B Braun Professional Care 2000 Features:


  • 3D Cleaning (pulsates, oscillates and rotates)

  • Pulsates 40,000 times per minute to break up plaque

  • Rotates 8800 times per minute to sweep plaque away

  • 2 mode - daily clean, gum care

Ease of use:


  • Visible pressure sensor lights up if you are pressing too hard

  • 2 minute timer so you spend the right amount of time brushing

  • Compatible with all oscillate/rotate interchangeable heads





Icon interdental brushes are on offer buy two packs for £5.50 or one pack for £2.95 range of sizes available current RRP= £3.09 
Wisdom brushes £3.25

The nation’s sugary snacking habits – revealed!

British Dental Health Foundation


A new survey by the British Dental Health Foundation reveals the shocking truth about the UK's sugar consumption. According to the survey, more than one in four of us (27 per cent) are eating snacks high in sugar twice a day or more.



Financial benefits of good gum health ‘clear to see’

British Dental Health Foundation

A new report has discovered that maintaining good oral health can reduce medical costs for some of the UK's most life-threatening illnesses.

The study looked at almost 350,000 patients with gum disease and discovered after treatment, on-going costs for those with type-2 diabetes, strokes, heart problems and pregnancy decreased by 40.2 per cent, 40.9 per cent, 10.7 per cent, and 73.7 per cent respectively.

Smoking during pregnancy putting babies at risk

British Dental Health Foundation

MOTHERS-TO-BE who continue to smoke during pregnancy are severely increasing the chance of their baby being born with facial deformities, new research has revealed.

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