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Our promise

Park street dental  is committed to quality assurance system to ensure that all the care we  provide is of a  consistent quality. We ensure that all the care we provide is of a consistent quality. We ensure that all effective measures of infection control are used and all the legal requirements relating to health and safety in the workplace are followed.

The practice aim is to provide a prompt, friendly and courteous services. Our Dentists and staff are committed to ensuring we deliver the best possible care and treatment to you and your family. 

The practice Dentists, Therapists and nurses engage in regular personal and professional development. Our objective is to keep up to date with current thinking on all aspects of Dentistry, especially preventative care which can reduce your need for dental treatment. 

All new staff members joining the practice are given training in practice procedures, and there is an ongoing programme to review the training needs for everyone in the practice. 

When proposing treatment, we will take account of your own wishes, explain all options available and appropriate costs, so that you can make an informed decision about the treatment you receive. We will always explain what we are doing. 

Park Street respects your right to confidentiality and will ensure that any details we provide are relevant and pertinent to your case. We regularly ask patients for their views on our service to enable us to continually improve our service. 

We have systems in place for dealing promptly with patient complaints and for ensuring that lessons are learnt from any mistakes we make. All our staff will have an open and honest approach to all our patients in all areas. 

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