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Privacy and Dignity

All staff members are aware of their responsibilities for safeguarding patient privacy and keeping information secure and have received appropriate training on the legislation requirements to ensure that:-

  • no personal information given or received in confidence is passed on to anyone else without the prior consent of the information provider.

  • Patients are entitled to object to the use of their confidential information for any other purpose than their care.

  • The duty of confidentiality to deceased patients is treated in the same way as that of living patients.

  • The rules of disclosure are strictly followed every time information is passed on to another person or organisation.

  • To ensure patients dignity is protected, we try to implement our equality and diversity policy by:- 

  • Having translation services available for patients who need this.

  • Providing services that are accessible to patients with disabilities 

  • Ensuring that care of individuals is planned with their specific needs

  • Tackling oral health inequalities through positive promotion and care

  • Responding positively to the diverse needs and experiences of our patients and the community even when those needs are challenging to deal with

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