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Quick Straight Teeth Blog

My blog on quick straight teeth fixed braces

If your thinking of having quick straight teeth braces, I am going to do a weekly blog so you can hear my experiences and have an idea of what to expect. I was quite nervous about having the brackets fitted, not knowing how they were going to feel or if they were going to effect my speech. During the procedure Dr Phil Welch explained everything in much detail and I felt very relaxed in the chair. I was in the chair for just over an hour, it was very easy to apply the brackets and I could feel the tightness of the wire as soon as it was fitted. No local anaesthetic was required during the procedure, I did wear a mouth shield to keep my mouth open and dry so the brackets would be easily attached. After the brace was fitted I was surprised as many people did not even notice I had them fitted, they felt comfortable but a strange pulling cessation on my front teeth as this is where we hope to reline. My speech was not affected. When I got home, my mouth felt huge, like I had Botox but this is completely normal and I looked normal, it was the sensation of having something alien in my mouth. Eating was a challenge for the first 1-3 days getting used to chewing meat and finding food stuck in the braces, my advice would be for the first few days stick to a soft diet so pasta, rice, soft meats until your used to wearing the braces. Cleaning is very easy with braces and I will post a short video online shortly on how to clean the brackets and teeth.

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