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Quick Straight Teeth One week later

A week later with braces

Ok so the fixed braces have been on for a week, my mouth feels fine and does not feel alien anymore. During the week eating has got very easy and I am back to eating what I was before the braces. The only difference now is after each meal I use my tepes and rinse with a high fluoride mouthwash to remove any food particles.

I did have a problem at the beginning of the week, the wire at the back of my mouth on the upper arch was digging into my cheek when I was smiling, this can sometimes happen and it wasn't much of a problem, I contacted Dr Phil Welch and he trimmed the wire for me. I was also given wax to put on brackets that can sometimes irritate the cheeks. I will post a short video on how to apply the wax.

After applying the wax for a few days, it feels a lot better and I no longer need to apply the wax.

Cleaning has become a lot easier as once you have done it for a few days it become more of a routine and a daily habit.

I can already see a difference and see movement in teeth, it is amazing how quickly they are moving.

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