Whitening treatments available from

£110 per arch.

£220 for full mouth home tray system.

Whitening for Life

"Free Whitening gel on every visit*"


This program is extended to patients who have proven themselves as individuals who take their oral hygiene and general dental health seriously. We believe it is extremely important to maintain recommended hygiene care appointments and receive necessary dental treatment to maintain a healthy and beautiful smile. In fact, patients who maintain regular hygiene appointments and receive recommended treatment spend less money on dental care (on average) than those who only see the dentist when a problem exists. All too often, people who wait until there is a problem have irreversible damage to their teeth and gums. We pride ourselves on the smiles that leave our practice.


We also pride ourselves in knowing our patients are maintaining the best possible oral health.


Professional Teeth Whitening for Life was developed as a gift for those patients who are already taking their dental health seriously, and as an incentive for those who need a little help keeping up with their dental care.


Patient will receive custom made, professional, take-home whitening trays for personal use. This privilege, is at a price for £220 for the professional home trays.


*Should any of the rules fail to be met, you will immediately be disqualified from the program and provided the opportunity to re-enroll for a £30 activation fee.

New Patient Activation Rules:

1. Must be at least 18 years of age.
2. Must complete initial hygiene cleaning, x-rays, dental exam, and re-appoint for six month re-care.
Must have completed a whitening course before comencing in this scheme at Park Street Dental.
3. Must comply with minimum required dental care as treatment planned by dentist.
4. After all necessary dental treatment has been completed; patient will have impressions taken for professional whitening system and trays will be made and delivered within 2 weeks.
5. Must make all scheduled appointments. Cancellations will be made with a minimum 48 hour notice and original appointment rescheduled within the next 2 weeks.
6. Must not have any outstanding bills with Park Street Dental. 

Existing Patient Activation Rules & Regulations:

1. Must be 18 years of age or older.
2. Must comply with minimum required dental care as treatment planned by dentist.
3. Must not have any outstanding bills with Park Street Dental.
4. Must have at least six month patient history without any broken appointments or late arrivals.

Lifetime Maintenance Rules:
1. Must maintain minimum continued care as treatment planned and appointed by Park Street Dental.
2. Must maintain continued hygiene care (six or three month hygiene appointments).
3. Must comply with all Park Street Dental  policies regarding payment and broken appointments.
4. A whitening solution refill will be rewarded at each re-care hygiene appointment. Anything above and beyond the will be the patient's financial responsibility.
5. Lost or destroyed applicator trays will be replaced at cost to patient. (£60)

Disclaimer: Park Street Dental, its doctors and staff have the right to refuse the offer if deemed necessary based on patient health conditions, misuse, abuse, or any other factor deemed necessary to void offer. Minimum gum and teeth health required to receive professional whitening. Those that have active, untreated gum disease, decay, root sensitivity, or oral cancers may not participate in this program until oral conditions stabilise. We reserve the right to discontinue your enrollment in the Whitening for Life program at any time if deemed necessary and for any reason.







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